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Prokopenko Nikolay

Odessa artist – painter, graphic artist, book illustrator illustrator.

Born in 1945, member of the National Union of Artists and the National Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine.

Honored Artist of Ukraine.

1964-1971 – studied at the Odessa State Art School.

1971-1977 – studied at the Kiev Academy of Arts.

Participant of international, national and regional exhibitions, as well as a number of international biennials.

56 solo exhibitions, Biennale 9: Imperia, 1991; The Imperia, 1993 – Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine; Pan Ukraine, 1995 – Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine; Renaissance, 1991 – Lviv, Ukraine; Marina, 96; Marina 98 Marina 2004 Marina 2006 to Odessa, Ukraine; III International Biennale “Antidvizhenie and the first open system of art” – Odessa, Ukraine; Triennale of Painting, 2001 – Kiev, Ukraine.