Pilko David

Pilko David. A unique artist. His works are scattered all over the world, he did not sell them, and gave to friends, acquaintances, relatives. Many of the paintings, thus were in different parts of the world: Israel, USA, Germany, Australia and Ukraine. But a major collection of his son, Alexander, is also an artist and photographer, managed to save, they are not sold, and is a family value.

David Isaakovich was born in 1926 in Ukraine. On the eve of war, the young David went to Kiev and entered the trade school. The war began. At the school in the first few days he was evacuated to the Urals, in the city of Kurgan, where until the end of the war he worked in a munitions factory. After the war, he returned to Kiev, found out that the entire family was shot in one day in the beginning of the war. None of the photos, no letters, no document is left.

A gifted young man begins to visit art studios, goes on studies, he writes plays. Meets Dora BOLTYANSKAYA, marries her, gave birth to a boy, Alexander.

Alexander Pilko: “Gradually, my father’s painting became more and more professional. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, he wrote from morning till night all that came to hand – that oil and gouache, and watercolor … Then my mother started to hurt, and went to the other world in 2002. Since then, his father has ceased to care about both art and life itself … “.

Pictures of David Pilko fascinate, captivate at once, impossible to put down, do not look at each item. They have everything they breathe.

The last ten years of remarkable artist my son lives in St. Petersburg. His old work does not recognize, does not believe that he could write well.